Neurosurgery OT Table

Operating table for Neurosurgery has some special requirements. The table should have a stable base with one pillar and lockable wheels. The four section table should have a head end to which a horse shoe could be applied. The head section after removal of head end should have a flexion of 90 degree. It should be compatible with Mayfield clamp and three pins should be supplied with table attachments for supine, prone, lateral, three quarter prone position and sitting or semi-sitting position.

There should be manual override for all positions in case of electrical failure. The minimum height should be up to 430 mm because surgeon can sit and operate for long hours under microscope. The lower end of table should have flexion up to. 40 degree. When you make sitting position a single pillar of table is essential so that surgeon is near the head of patient. Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg should be possible. The table should have a radiolucent top.

The best tables are available with Macaque and Eschman which I believe has been sold to some other company. Mizzou is another company which makes special neurosurgery tables. I am very happy with manual controls as it costs less and can be easily repaired. I had a table which was there in 1992 also and still very useful, but you need to look after it well. In the end a bad worker will always fight with his tools and most of us are given things by administrators of their choice and not our one